Bridges Consulting Inc.

Bridges Consulting Inc. is an international company offering state of the art training to entry-level, mid-level, and C-level business and technical professionals. The people who attend the BCI training generally have a bachelors or masters in engineering, business and other technical fields. BCI specializes in high quality training for certification in project management and business analysis.

Automotive industry

Computer technology industry BCI provided project management and operations research for large automotive and computer technology projects. This experience is significant – customer gets increased value through reduction in costs or increase in performance and revenue.

Client satisfaction

The customer also experiences a high rate of project success, improving its bottom line profit

Coaching & Consulting

BCI also provides specialized coaching and consulting in project management, business analysis, IT support and management, software development and design. With its unique experience in operations research and industrial engineering, BCI specializes in helping organizations solve unique complex business problems and helping organizations to align its projects to its strategic goals and objectives.

Project Management training

• Project Management Training, Consulting and Coaching • Business Analysis Training, Consulting and Coaching • IT Training, Consulting and Coaching

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