Why Should I Get Certified In Business Analysis?

Have you come across this attitude from Project Managers?

In 2009, I had the opportunity to present to over 300 project manager in Brazil, a talk on “What Every Project Manager Should Know about Business Analysis”. This was a good time to share with PMP’s and long time successful project managers in South America,  what the potentials for business analysis would be in the future.

We know from our experience that the PM’s and BA’s do very similar work; but their focused is different. The PM ‘s focus on the scope of the project and the BA’s focus on the scope of the solution.

The PM’s in Brazil, were making the case that the title of a “manager” carries more weight, power, prestige and benefits than the title of an “analyst”. Their primary emphasis was on compensation, reward and power; thus the PM was considered the “heavy weight” professional in that culture.

A few years later, around 2013, I mentioned in a business analysis training course for an automotive company that the PM’s would carry more weight and power.  Immediately the corporate sponsor and champion for that business analysis group quickly corrected me and stated that in their company, the BA’s would be empowered with a more significant role than the PM’s. The BA’s would be more strategic, with the emphasis being more towards the growth aspect of the company. Their goal was to recognize and reward the BA’s to encourage others to pursue this career path as opposed to the traditional path of becoming a project manager.

Now today, 2016, we have a new certificate from the Project Management Institute. This certification is called PMI-BA. Now you can be certified in project management and business analysis from the Project Management Institute.  I believe that the Institute sees the value of PM and BA roles and how critical they can be to an organization’s success.

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