4 Tips on When to Hire a Project Manager

4 Tips on When to Hire a Project Manager


As a business owner or director or manager of a company, when should you bring in a project manager? Having a project manager on your project is a very popular thing to do in today’s business climate. In a past project that I worked on, a department was trying to accomplish a business goal without bringing in a project manager. They were making all the classical project mistakes which included:

1. Not having a project charter

2. Not having a project plan

3. Not having someone dedicated to see that the work was being done.

Finally, I convinced them that they needed someone to act as project manager. Once they did, we applied the standards of project management. After some bumpy events, we got the project on track and completed the project. The project was late, but we managed to keep it within budget. Four Tips on When to Hire a Project Manager:

1. When your project is large and complex

2. When you have a clear scope of what is needed

3. When You have a budget to hire a project manager

4. When the risk of failure is too large.

These are a few tips. You can learn more about what you need to turn your visions into reality by contacting george@bridgesconsultinc.com

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