Stakeholder in Your World – eBook

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Stakeholder in Your World – eBook

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Stakeholder in Your World

Book Summary

In project management and business analysis, Stakeholder Management is a very popular topic today. It is a subject of heated and intense discussions in the project management community. In order to ensure the success of the project, all stakeholders must be considered.  In this short eBook, we will explore the concept of stakeholder management, address some key issues and recommend practical activities for dealing with stakeholders on any given project.


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This eBook  is an overview of Stakeholder Management. The book describes the stakeholders’ types and how  you can  identify them.  Other topics are included, such as;

  1. Judging project success.
  2. Finding your stakeholders
  3. Knowing what’s in it for each stakeholder – “Who has the power to kill your project?”
  4. Stakeholder Management – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  5. A glimpse of  the Stakeholder Management Process
  6. Outline of a Stakeholder Management Process: Six Steps to Successful Stakeholder Management

We will use a well-formed process for stakeholder management. A six step process is discussed in this book. To broaden our scope of stakeholder management, we will introduce four types of stakeholders which we called the stakeholder personas. The ultimate key to your project success is your stakeholders.